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Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clarke [3735] Holly Springs, NC
Initial Breed: Doberman Pinschers
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DateRtgDisplay NameBreed(s)
Jun 25, 20214DrgDachshund
I was in the ring as the only owner handler for winner's at a specialty. She looked at both the handlers dogs & then kept coming back to my girl. She seemed to love her front. My girl ended up getting winners bitch & best of winners that day. Both handlers are widely known for showing group winning dachshunds.
Apr 8, 2021AnnonymousDachshund
Showed a young bitch to her in a sea of many fine dachs. Iím a total unknown, never showed to her before. She is knowledgeable of the breed.
Sep 14, 20181AnonymousHoundExpert!
Unless you are a known face or a handler, save your money!
Nov 17, 20175smilyjoetoys
ms clark was very kind to all exhibitors- found littermates for BOB,BOW,and reserve- they are very consistent looking
Apr 17, 20174dachshund
Although she has appreciated my bitch before giving her wb/bow at a specialty, she did not use her in a lineup of standard wildboar specials. Likes a nice front.
Dec 18, 20161AnonymousWorking
Totally inconsistent, except that she seems to be very focused on taking care of friends and faces. Highly disappointing, especially for someone who comes from Dobes, that she doesn't pay more attention to clean structure, soundness and toplines!
Jul 27, 20155Crystal Stockboxer
Takes her time and really looks over dog. Knows our standard well and placed accordingly. Very happy with the judging I have recieved from her numerous times now win or lose. Very few judges left that know their stuff. Owner handler friendly
Apr 3, 2015anonworking
was wonderful with pups and a spooky dog, if what you're looking for is a positive ring experience she is a good one to enter under.
Oct 22, 20141AndreaBoxer
No idea what is she looking for except that she looks on the other side of the lead. I did not have dog in the ring for long time with her judging but as observer I am glad I did not waste my money.
Mar 9, 20145Vicki ShepherdBasset Hounds
Have won and lost under this judge, but generally don't disagree strongly with her placements. She has gentle hands on the dogs and is excellent with puppies. Likes a good mover.
Sep 29, 20132anonymousWhippet
Doesn't know the breed standard wrt eye color. Looks mostly at the other end of the lead.
Jul 5, 20135smilyjoetoys
has no idea- put up a bitch from the open class ( awful front) over a nice bred by that had gone winners at a specialty
Jul 5, 20131SportingExpert!
Clueless. How did she get so many breeds?
Jan 14, 20132anonworking
Have no idea what she's looking for. Movement apparently not important to her. Left many scratching their heads.
May 5, 20121anonymoussporting
Watched her judge about 25 sporting breeds recently--I had no entries. Terrible judge. 90% of the time she picked the ugliest or nearly ugliest entry. Seemed to NOT want to reward a beautiful specimen--the 10% of the time she did the right thing, I think it was an accident. Seemed to virtually ignore the handling and presentation of the exhibit
Sep 16, 20111anonymoushounds
Put up a bitch that crawled around the ring on its belly and sat for exam over a nice entry that moved well. Complaints all day long over her judging including two filed by other judges. Probably the worst judge I've showed to in the last 7 years.
Oct 19, 2009anonmastiff
Put up BBE dog for BW, and owner-handled special as BOB over very well known pro. Both nice dogs.
Jul 5, 20093Tracy BurdickPapillonExpert!
Found nice ones at the end but was very inconsistent in class judging, was all over the place with type and appeared very confused at times. Really did seem to prefer tricolors.
Jun 30, 20081anonymousSiberian HuskiesExpert!
put an owner handled class bitch up for BOB over 4 specials including the #2 Siberian. Really didn't know what she was looking for. Rumored to be friends with #1 Siberian owner and didn't want to help his competition.
Nov 25, 20073Great Dane
felt she did a great job, consistant in the classes with type, when it was available in the class to be put up (separated by color here) All owner handlers put up today except for BOB. Great Job
Sep 25, 20071CelebrateDachshunds
Don't know what she was looking for. Maybe the right handler?

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