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Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth (DECEASED) [3652] Pinehurst, NC
Initial Breed: Pointers
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DateRtgDisplay NameBreed(s)
Nov 2, 2014Linda ChilsonShelties
Pleasant, efficient, put up what she liked. Appeared to be touching the dog without really feeling structure. Did check heads more thoroughly.
Oct 30, 20145anonymoustoy
Very fair. Excused a top ranked dog that was clearly lame that day.
Jan 13, 20142DragonmystDoberman
Kind of harsh, rushed and seemed to be making hasty decisions. There are too many good judges out there to continue to show to someone who doesn't seem to enjoy it anymore. Sadly she has been added to my very short DNS list.
Aug 20, 20125Pamela PrestonBoston TerriersExpert!
I showed to Mrs. Forsyth and found her ring procedure very efficient (for single dog classes, you went right on the table/mat for exam and then did a triangle so she could view all angles of movement and for multiple dog classes, she had you stack in the row, then move around to the table/mat for exam and then do a down and back). She is a bit "gruff", but I did not find her to be rude or disrepectful in anyway. She looked at each and every dog, put up the ones she liked (most awards went to OHs including BOB) and she was very consistent in her judging - seemed to like level toplines, smooth movement, expression (a MUST in my breed), and overall balance. There was one exhibit that she was unsure about, so consulted the Standard. I MUCH PREFER a judge do this to confirm their knowledge than to either award or excuse/not award incorrectly. She also did not lean towards any particular size or color either. It appeared that she was truly judging to the standard. She was very kind and gentle to the dogs on the table as well. No, she is not overly friendly and no, she's not a "perky" judge, but I felt she did a great job, was fair, and did what she was paid to do. She's just a "no nonsense" judge in my opinion. She is particular about how her ring is set up and run, but certainly not rude or disrespectful (at least, not based upon my watching the 2 breeds ahead of mine and during my breed's judging). She reminds me of an older, female Edd Bivin. ;)
Jul 24, 20121Robin GatesSeveral
Continues to be rude in the ring and we pay too much money to be badgered by judges. I understand she has been doing this a long time but that does not warrant a snarky attitude.
Jun 27, 2012anonymousPomeranian
Had a slightly unusual ring procedure in the group (did not want the dog to stop and free stack after down & back, just wanted you to continue on around) which left me feeling like she didn't look at my dog that closely. however, she wound up awarding my dog a Gr 2 in a competitive group, and I am an owner/handler. I recall her giving a single point to a pretty puppy bitch I showed a few yrs before, and her watching the next day when the same puppy took the major and her being happy to see that. So, no complaints here but have not shown to her in breed in a long while.
Jun 27, 20121owner-handlerHerding
Extremely rude and arrogant. after talking about my experience with her found that many exhibitors felt the same both that day and in past experiences (even heard a story that she was judging juniors one time and made them all cry! Just terrible!). I'd seen the poor reviews here before entering but decided to give her a chance anyway. Never again. And AKC wonders why the sport is suffering, when people like this are still allowed to judge. :(
Jan 4, 20125Mary Ann ByrnsDoberman Pinscher
She gave my puppy RWD @ 12-18 mos with a handler then gave my boy BOB a year later with a different handler. Liked standard and movement.
Aug 4, 20114anonymousGreat Dane
Did a fair job this morning, with a small entry. Seemed to be having a good time and was polite, to me anyhow. We did not win but I can't complain about the winners she picked. All very nice Danes!!
Jun 15, 20111anonymous
She is just too miserable and rude to waste my money. I will NEVER show to this lady again!! From what I saw, she prefers handlers over owner/handlers!! She needs to retire!
Mar 15, 20111anonymous
Who, exactly, does she think she is?? This past weekend in Franklin she was screaming at exhibitors, "This is MY ring! I'll run it how I want!" Memo to you, lady: Without the paying exhibitors, you would have no ring. And I ain't paying to enter under you again, ever.
Mar 14, 20111Anon.Non-Sporting
Absolutely inexcusably rude. I'll never support her bad behavior again by paying to show under her.
Jan 3, 20112Carol DryMinPinsExpert!
This judge is a very sad situation. She used to be so good at what she did, and enjoyed it. Now she seems lost and crotchety. Very sad. I wont waste my hard earned money showing to her again
Dec 11, 20103anonymousfrench bulldogs
Found her extremely nice in the ring. Especially considering all the delays and mix up with judges at the Belleville show. Seemed extremely thorough. Definitely knows the breed standard.
Nov 24, 20091anonvarious
Never spoke to anyone in ring and put up overly long puppy.
May 26, 20094anoncollies
Pleasure to show to. Looked at movement and structure and had a great time in the ring.
Feb 26, 20091
It's all about who you are (or who's kid you are) Showed to her again in 2013 and will NEVER again. She's lost it. Excused a dog because his testicles were not exactly the same size and didn't hang side by side - but rather one further forward (?!?!). This is a dog with a major win and was WD the day prior to this EX.
Jan 6, 20094goldens
Showed to her Jan 2, 2009 and she seemed perfectly with it to me. Did a nice job. Was polite and nice to the dogs. Does not like big & fluffy Goldens. I Have heard her say it. Likes moderate size moderate coat. Color didn't seem to matter.
Jan 2, 20091anonymousterriers
something's really not right...she doesn't seem oriented as to time or place.
Sep 11, 20081anonymouspapillon
Just plain horrible!! Overlooked some of our most wonderful examples. In other words clueless, on our DNS list.
May 29, 20085Standfast SpinoniSpinone Italiano
Knows her Spinone breed standard and doesn't look at the other end of the lead!
Feb 4, 20081
This is one I will never show to again! Is not happy being there and shows it by making those showing to her unhappy to be there too!! Was putting up the same handlers in different breeds over better dogs. And just not anyone I care to ever go under again under any reason!!
Nov 12, 2007terriersExpert!
I have no doubt that Mrs. Forsyth is knowledgeable. For the past several years, it seems she isn't enjoying judging. Last time I showed to her, the exhibitors were trying to get through the crowds to get to the ring entrance while she was barking "do you all want a special invitation to show?" There's no need for this attitude, especially with a early morning ring time. I can only imagine it got worse as the day progressed
Nov 12, 20075Debby JahnkeSamoyedExpert!
Mrs.Forsythe is very knowledgeable. Her primary concern is Type over movement. The dog must be look like the breed. Will place a class dog over special if she believes dog is better representative of the breed, even if younger etc. She wants a dog well presented, there are some handlers which apprenticed for her that do well under her, but have also seen them dumped by her to a nice class dog. I respect and like her very much. Don't bring her an ugly dog.
Jul 28, 20071jrmomBoston Terrier
With a good good topline being so hard to find, she puts up the worst in order to pick the best handler.
Jul 23, 20071all
Mrs Forsyth was known as one of the 'truly knowledgable' judges. She does seem to possess the knowledge, but in the last few years has decided not to apply it if she can do someone a favor. I have seem her dump an obviously better dog to someone she knows. Very disappointing.
Mar 23, 20071anonymous
Will never show to again.
Mar 23, 20073Juniors
AWFUL to juniors, should NOT EVER judge them!!!
Mar 18, 2007Anon
I am at a loss when trying to figure out her judging.
Mar 1, 2007anonymous
Doesn't know our standard and chooses her winners by who is handling - if she doesn't know the folks in the ring, she looks for handling mistakes - then makes her choice based on that. Very poor judge.
Jan 25, 20071Anonymous
Dreadful to juniors. Mean. Arrogant.
Jan 12, 20073Celebrate
Political: may occasionally judge the dogs, though! put up our young special over a top ranked dog and handler. Just goes to show, you never know WHAT they might do!
Dec 11, 20061
She is a handler Judge - looks at the face and not at the dog and then from the ring tells you that you had the best dog??

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